Richard Towalski "Li'l Richard" devoted his full time to polka music as leader of his Polka All Stars and producer of Li'l Richard Polka Shows.

In His lifetime, he recorded 24 albums.  Immediately after this recording, he suddenly passed away (on March 28, 2001).

Chet Schafer & Chicago Polkas took over this project, paid the musicians and the studio, and released this CD,
the final musical project of one of Chicago's true Polka Music legends.

Bold titles have sound clip samples - Click to listen!

  • Paczki Polka
  • Lullaby Waltz
  • All The Girls Polka 
  • Green Hat Red Feather Oberek
  • Iron Foundry Polka 
  • Good Evening My Love Oberek
  • Sunset Polka
  • Remember Girl Mazur
  • Theresa Polka No. 2
  • Lucyna, Lucyna
  • Chicago Girls Polka

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  • Green Fields Polka
  • Harvest Time Waltz
  • Green Forest Polka
  • Kokoska Oberek
  • Mama Told Me Polka
  • Maytime Waltz
  • White Table Polka
  • Green Lane Waltz
  • My Girl Polka
  • Linden Tree Waltz
  • I Would Rather Polka