Between the fall of 1994 and the spring of 1997, twenty musicians put forth their time and effort into
 this compilation recording at Polkasound Productions Recording Studio.
"Polkasound Potpourri" is a rare blend of some of the top talents in Milwaukee's polka music circuit.
You'll find everything from Slovenian and Dutchman polka music, to country and more.  

The featured bands/musicians are:
Tom Brusky, Carol and the Keynotes, Concertina Millie, Gentleman Jim, Eddie Hause, Bryan O'Donnell, Mike Schneider, RonVanDenboom, and Jeff Winard.

  • Pepper Pot Polka (Brusky)
  • Two Canaries Polka (Hause)
  • Song of Bohemia (Hause)
  • Skinny's Polka (Schneider)
  • You're All I Ask For (Schneider
  • Help Me Make It Through the Night (Gent. Jim)
  • I Overlooked an Orchid (Gent. Jim)
  • Polkarita (Winard)
  • Mountain Excursion Polka (Winard) 

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  • Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Carol)
  • It's Polka Time (Carol)
  • How I Love Them Old Songs (VanDenboom)
  • Better Not Do That (VanDenboom)
  • Hey There, Good-Lookin' (O' Donnell)
  • Let's Go to Church (O' Donnell)
  • Amazing Grace (Millie)
  • Let's Waltz Together (Millie)
  • Kittling's Polka (Brusky)