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The Sidemen
Jay Broderson Orchestra
  • Into Each Life
  • Waltz of the Bells
  • Avalon
  • Kiss Me Again Waltz
  • Roses of Love
Joey Klass Band
  • Buehnie's Polka
  • Lois Waltz
  • Kamnik Polka
Bob Doszak Band
  • Have I Ever Told You How I Love You
  • Don't Talk About Me

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Russ Allen Recording Band
  • Happski Polka
  • Spike's Polka
Don Gralak Band
Kenny Brandt Band
  • Anniversary Waltz
  • Yakety Sax Medley
Steve Meisner & Don Hunjadi
  • WTKM Bookings Theme
Bonus Cuts
  • Silhouette
  • Medley (5:45 long)