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  • Fleet Avenue Polka 
  • Happy Minute Polka
  • Harbor Waltz
  • Katy’s Polka
  • Clarene Waltz
  • Just Because Polka
    with Frank Yankovic
  • Shanty Polka
  • Remember Dear Waltz
  • Iron Range Polka
  • Twilight Time
    with Dick Contino
  • My Sweetheart Polka
  • Pony Tail Polka
  • Summernight Waltz
  • Jolly Polka

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  • Champagne Polka  
    with Myron Floren
  • Valley Spring Polka
  • Peg of My Heart
    with Dick Contino
  • Always Happy Polka
  • Red Lips and Red Wine Polka
  • Memories
    with Denis Novato
  • Helen Polka
    with Myron Floren
  • Vadnal Waltz
  • Sheboygan Polka
  • Beautiful Rose Waltz
  • Tick Tock Polka
    with Frank Yankovic