Over 80 Minutes - recorded Live at KUZMAN'S   -   Featuring America's All-Star Honky Band........Performances by:
Plus visits From:
Larry & Diana Walk, Gary Rhamy, Major Mel Himes, Li'l John Nalevanko, Kenny Olowin,
Ed Ostry, Barb Haselow, Matt & Vi Wasielewski, Judy Stringhill, Larry Maffitt

Bold Titles Have Sound Clips - Can be played on most media players now!   Click to listen! 
  • (Intro)
  • Honky Heaven Polka (Joe Oberaitis) 
  • (Intro)
  • Marek's Polka (Jimmy K) 
  • Green Grove Waltz (Jimmy K) 
  • (Intro)
  • You're My Baby Polka (Jimmy K)
  • Stas' & Mania Polka (Instrumental)
  • Stormy Clouds Polka (Charlie Tansek)
  • (Intro)
  • At The Square Polka (Joe Oberaitis)
  • Chicago Bum Oberek (Joe Oberaitis)
  • Getting Old Polka (Keith Stras)
  • Lovesick Polka (Keith Stras)
  • (Intro)
  • Sunset Polka (Instrumental)
  • Rock A Bye Polka (Instrumental)

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  • (Intro)
  • Here Comes My Lover Polka
    (Andy & Steve Fenus)
  • Hello Stas Polka (Andy & Steve Fenus)
  • Painter's Polka (Andy & Steve Fenus)
  • (Intro)
  • All The Girls Polka (Jimmy Kilian) 
  • Hanusia Polka (Jimmy Kilian)
  • She Likes Kielbasa (Jimmy Kilian)
  • (Intro)
  • My Shoes Keep Walking (Stas' Golonka) 
  • Waiting For My Lover Waltz (Stas' Golonka)
  • My Baby Doll Polka (Stas' Golonka)
  • (Announcement)
  • Pod Krakowem Polka (Keith Stras)
  • Searching Girl Polka (Keith Stras)
  • (Goodbye Announcement)