Beautiful Folk Melodies recorded for the First Time in North America!
  • By The Small Hills Polka
  • Corinthian Wine Mash Waltz
  • Slovenian Fellows
  • In Front Of My Cottage Waltz
  • I Asked My Mother Polka
  • Love Is Not A Habit Waltz
  • Oh How Long This Trip Polka
  • With My Walking Stick In Hand

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  • Dance From Prekmurje
  • I'll Ask You One More Time Waltz
  • Burgo's Polka
  • Good Bye From The Plains Waltz
  • Ursala Polka
  • I Told You That Waltz
  • Old Mitsa (Polka)
  • The Bird & The Girl Waltz
  • The Grasshopper Polka