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  • A Jukebox In My Mind (Medley)
    Lillian, Tell My Why, I Like It,
    Green Bridge, One More Memory,
    Can't Get Married, Back To Chicago,
    Got To Go, Hot Dogs & Cabbage,
    Hey Pretty Girl, Frisky Puppy Oberek
  • One Big Broken Heart
  • Two Pretty Girls Oberek
  • I Love My Doll 
  • The Hillside Hop
  • What Should I Do?

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  • Other Side of the River
  • Thanks Mom Waltz
  • If Dreams Became Reality
  • At The Bar
  • Stand Beside Me
  • A Golden Medley
    Na Zdrowie, Life Is Good,
    My Boyfriend, Daddy's Trouble
  • Hey! Thanks For The Jukebox