They've never been made available on CD, but we've found a way!   You can purchase all three tapes & we will tranfer them to 2 CDs!!!

For $19.95, you will receive
New Brass Rolls Out The Barrel
  • Roll Out the Barrel
  • Polka Jamboree 
  • Andruzia's Polka 
  • Blue Blue Heart Waltz 
  • Walking With Mary
  • Bright Star Polka 
  • Strawberries & Raspberries 
  • Love is On the Way Polka 
  • Once Again Oberek 
  • Green Woods Polka 
  • I Love You Waltz 
  • Hey Mister Musicman Polka

Solid Brass
  • At the Polish Picnic 
  • Come Dance With Us Polka 
  • New Baby Oberek 
  • Only Love For Me Polka 
  • Can I Tell You That I  Love You Polka 
  • Can't You See Polka 
  • Getting Married Polka 
  • Overnight Polka 
  • I Want To Dance With You Polka 
  • I'll Build You A Home Waltz
  • Goodbye I Love You Polka
  • Let Me Hold You In My Arms Again Polka

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Brass Magic

  • Pretty Girl Polka 
  • You Like Me Too Much Polka
  • Headache Polka 
  • All Star Oberek 
  • Sunshine & Smiles Polka 
  • Losing You Polka 
  • Honky Style Polka 
  • Onions Polka 
  • Young Fellow Oberek 
  • The Golden Brass Polka 
  • Rest Of My Life Waltz 
  • Always In The Way Polka