The Album "The Boys", plus tunes from "Polka Menagerie"
  • Boys From Baltimore Polka
  • Angel in Disguise Polka
  • Sing Like Eddie B. Polka
  • Picture on the Wall Waltz
  • I Can Handle It Oberek
  • Jasiu Joins the Army Polka
  • Remember When Polka
  • In The Tall Castle Polka
  • A Daisy A Day Waltz

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  • Iron Casket Oberek
  • Bits and Pieces Polka
  • I'll Stay Around Polka
  • Polka Summer
  • Please Take Me Back Polka
  • Making Memories Polka
  • Just For Fun Polka
  • Love Is Gone Polka
  • Polka Menagerie