• Another Girl (The Beat)
  • Follow You, Follow Me (John Gora)
  • Welcome Back (Polkatown Sound)
  • Show Me The Way (Toledo Polkamotion)
  • Take Good Care Of My Baby (Dyna Dukes)
  • Mama When I Saw You (The Beat)
  • Hold On (The Knewz)
  • Polka Dot Bikini (Crusade)

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  • Down At The Twist & Shout (AKA)
  • I Saw Her Standing There (TPM)
  • Gilligan's Island (Dyna Dukes)
  • This Song's For You (The Knewz)
  • Me & Julio Down By The School Yard
    (Polkatown Sound)
  • Did You Fall In Love With Me (John Gora)
  • The Birds Are Singing (Steve Kaminski)
  • Happy Trails (Walter Ostanek)