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  • Intro / Take A Chance Polka
  • Big Brown Eyes Polka
  • Good Friends Polka 
  • Medley---
  • She Teases Me
    I Wanna Live & Love
    You Are The One
  • Riflemen's Oberek
  • Don't Tell Me Polka
  • Blue Magic Polka
  • Medley---
  • It Takes Two
    There I'll Be
    My Sweet Melinda
  • Nine Hour Drive Polka
  • Piekna Kalina Waltz
  • Can I Count on You

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  • Sing With Me Polka
  • What You Can't Have Polka
  • Fragrant Roses Oberek
  • Got No Reason Polka
  • Gonna Have Love Oikja
  • How Long Will My Baby Be Gone Polka
  • Bar None Polka 
  • Secret Meeting Polka
  • Play Those Fiddles Oberek
  • Medley---
  • Just In Case
    You Are My Sweetheart Now
    A Girl Like You
  • You're For Me Polka
  • Sure Gonna Miss Her Polka

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