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From the original "LIVE WIRE"
  • Husa Shusha Polka
  • Don't Fight Girls Polka  
  • Boys From Chicago Polka 
  • Life of a Drunk Polka 
  • Waltz Medley:
    --Mr Bartender
  • Where Were You Johnny Polka 
  • Zosia Polka  
  • Harvest Time Waltz
  • Chocolate Soda Polka 
  • Tattletale Polka
  • Ku Ku Oberek 
  • Red Shoes Polka


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  • Up & Down Polka
  • Stormy Clouds Polka
  • It's All Over Waltz
  • For The First Time 
  • Angie's Polka
  • Dusty Shoes Polka
  • You Got To Be My Baby
  • Concertina Cocktail Polka
  • Jedzie Jedzie Polka