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This is the third in a series of instructional Polka Videos produced by Mary Lou Kaye, Master Dance Teacher and two-time national Polka Champion. Learning America’s favorite fun dance is more aerobic fun than you ever thought possible.

If you already worked through Polka 101 and 102, you’re ready to fly with this new material. To master the moves presented you should have a comfortable knowledge of the basic step and bounce, the free-style stretch and basic principles of leading and following. If not, you may want to add the previous Polka tapes to your library for clarification. The tapes are planned as a series and the information builds on previous presentations just like private classes would.

Steps presented on this tape are:

  • Crossed Hands Stomps
  • Shake Hands Reverses
  • Shake Hands Reverses with a Kick
  • Open Reverses
  • Open Reverses with High and Low Kicks
  • Waist Hold Spin
  • Back Spin
  • One Hand Free Spin
  • Free Spin with Turn
  • Simple Switches
  • Switch to Sweetheart
  • Sweetheart Switches
  • Lead to Skater’s Position
  • Circling Position Changes.

All this for less than the cost of one private lesson.

Approx. 60 minutes

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“Polka is one of the most popular group dances in America today. GoodTimes Productions has put together three outstanding 60 minute, full color instructional videos (Polka 101, 102 & 103) that take the viewer from the very basic of beginnings through sophisticated and “expert level” lively Polka dance moves. These instructional videos are by far the fastest way to get the aerobic benefits of this active movement dance. Mary Lou Kaye (a two-time National Polka Champion) has been teaching dance in her studio for over 20 years. Her exceptionally clear, humorous and easy-to-follow video trilogy are a fun, fast, effective way to learn the contemporary style bounce polka quickly, easily and at home. Incidentally, no library video instruction shelf would be complete without Mary Lou’s two other dance videos: Basic Social Dance and Wedding Dance.” Reviewers Book Watch August 1996