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American Patriotic Medley:
  • Off We Go (Airforce Song) - vocal: Gennie O
  • Anchors Away (Navy Song) - vocal: Chet Kowalkowski
  • The Caissons Go Rolling Along (Army Song) - vocal: Stas' Golonka
  • The Marine's Hymn - vocal: Richie Gomulka
  • You're A Grand Old Flag - vocal: Teddy Okrzesik, Jr, Johnny Okrzesik
  • Yankee Doodle Dancy - vocal: Mike Barnish
  • America The Beautiful - vocal: Ray "Melvin" Rzuszutko, Dan Mateja
  • America - vocal: Wally Dombrowski
  • Gold Bless America - vocal: Eddie Blazonczyk

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  • We'll Fight For Freedom - vocal: Mike Stapinski, Rick Rzeszutko

  • A Tuesday In September - vocal: Rick Rzeszutko, Mike Stapinski, Mike Barnish