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New Brass
  • Mitch's Intro
  • Let Me Hold You In My Arms
  • Hosa Horasa
  • I Had A Chicken
  • 100 Proof 
  • Green Maple Polka
  • My Pigeons Polka
  • Scrubby's Intro
  • Boys From "Twin Cities" (Chicago)
  • Fortunes Of War
  • Our Mary
  • First Time Polka
  • Goral Polka
  • Medley Of Obscure Tunes

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  • Old Grey Mare
  • Up The Hill
  • Over The Cradle
  • Walking With My Mary

Polish Friends
  • Around The Stove Polka
  • Two Bucks Polka

Boys From Baltimore
  • Please Please Me Polka
  • Back To Chicago Polka
  • Boys Closing Medley