Contains the albums "Dancing To Eddie Zima's Band" and "Polish Hillbilly"
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  • Club House Polka 
  • Everlasting Love Waltz
  • Get Happy Polka 
  • My Girl Anna Oberek
  • Hot Rod Polka
  • Red Beer Polka
  • My Maggie Polka
  • State Fair Waltz
  • Needle In The Haystack Polka
  • When I Marry Oberek
  • Moon In My Window Waltz
  • Blonde Secretary Polka

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  • Our Secret Love Waltz
  •  Dippy Polka
  •  Red Pajamas Oberek
  • I Am In The Army Now Polka
  • Shoemaker's Waltz
  • Promises Polka
  • Theresa Polka
  • My Sweetheart I Miss You Waltz
  • Dill Pickle Polka
  • Lucy's Wisconsin Waltz
  • Sparks Of Fire Polka
  • Free Lunch Polka