• Polka Medley:  Happy Go Lucky,
    Red Lips, Two Bucks
  • Polka Medley:
    Army, Lillian, Chicago Times
  • Oberek Medley:
    Waiting for You, In The Woods
  • Polka Medley:
    Happy Bachelor, Casino, Innocent Eyes
  • Waltz Medley: Goodbye Chicago, 
    Who's Girl Are You, Where Is My Home
  • Girls In Every Town Polka
  • Under the Bridge Polka
  • Lucky Stop Waltz
  • Beautiful Girl Polka
  • Our Mary Oberek

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  • Polka Medley:
    Moonlight, Lisa, Stormy Clouds
  • Polka Medley: Walking With Mary,
    White Table, Under the Oak Tree
  • Polka Medley:  She Told Me She Loved Me,
    Baby Doll, Yes Sir She's My Baby
  • Polka Medley:  Over My Cradle,
    Chicago Is A Polka Town, Girls From Chicago
  • Waltz Medley:
    In the Evening, Matka, Goodnight
  • Wilted Bush Polka
  • Wish I Was Single Waltz
  • I Am Singing Polka
  • Our Break Up Polka
  • Seven Days & Seven Nights Polka